We solve the problem of...

Return on Investment w/ your Marketing and Technology Spend

Enter the world of Above the Noise Digital (and)

WE are not a Marketing or Ad Agency, that doesn't understand technology and business process, and is all about the "impressions" without a ROI. WE are not a Technology System Integrator or Development Shop that doesn't understand marketing, sales, and creative.

WE are the Hybrid-MarTech company you wished you had talked to before you signed your budget away to "one of those" vendors, whom lost you money, competitive edge, time to market, and STILL isn't giving you a ROI.

"We live in a world where the CMO needs to understand the CIO/CTO role, and vise versa. Or there needs to be a Hybrid type Role and Talent. The companies that have adopted this have become the success stories." - PwC

Solutions We Work With, Integrate, & Optimize.

Startups - SMB - Enterprise - Fortune 1000

CMS Website - UI/UX

Joomla - Druple - Wordpress - Sitecore - Kentico


Amazon - Magento - Shopify - WooCommerce - Volusion - BigCommerce - 3Dcart

Data Analytics

Google - Tableau - Domo - PowerBI


Salesforce - Microsoft Dynamix - Sugar - Infusionsoft

Marketing Automation

Marketo - Pardot - Eloqua - Hubspot - ClickDemensions

ERP (Supply Chain)

SAP - PeopleSoft - Oracle - Netsuite

Mobile Apps

OIS - Android - Tablet

Digital Marketing

Social - SEO - SEM/PPC - Retargeting - Display - Affiliate Marketing - Influencer Marketing - Email - Mobile - Database Marketing - Look a Like IP Marketing - Landing Pages - Content Marketing - Graphic Design - Content Creation - Omnichannel Marketing - VideoScribe

Traditional Marketing

Public Relations - TV - Radio - Magazines - Billboards

Brand Building & Activation

Concept - Creation - Messaging - Demographic Insights - Competitive Analysis - Market Landscape - Sale & Marketing Strategy

Project Management

Scrum Agile Methodology - Platforms (Basecamp - Slack - GitHub - MS Projects - Project Fork - Jira)

Marketing & Technology Operations

Operational Planning - Budgeting - Source Talent - Define Roles & Responsibilities - Create Process & Workflow - Establish Content Repository - Train Staff


AWS - Rackspace - Hostgator

Merchant Payment Processing & POS

Square - Paypal - Stripe - Amazon

Email Platforms

MailChimp - myEmma - iContact - Constant Contact - AWeber
"There isn't a one-solution silver bullet, to becoming a market leader or selling in today's world. The competitive advantage is, getting your Marketing and Technology platforms and teams to be working seamlessly together, around a tier one product, service, brand, or compelling content. Automating and optimizing this process continuesly. The only way you can do this is by having a Hybrid talent (s), to manage all the moving parts. Someone whom understands and knows the analytical, process driven, technology realm, as well as the creative, marketing, and omnichannel methods and space.

Most companies do not have this talent, or do not do this, so they will continue to not make their numbers, have no ROI, have bad customer and vendor expeirences, and will lose out to their competition."

Advanced Services

Scope Analysis & SWOT

We leverage our Expertise in Marketing, Technology, and Analytics to help you identify your Strenghts, Weaknesses, Oportunities, and Threats.


We will do inhouse, offsite, or online training of Marketing and Technology Staff, to help them understand and adopt processes, technologies, best practices and methodologies, for success in execution and collaboration.


For companies that do not have the in-house expertise within the Marketing & Technology realm, we provide and outsourced solution that is customized to work best with your company. Some of the operations outsourced below:
  • Executive Dashboards & Analytics - Google, Tableau, Domo
  • Website Management - Joomla, Wordpress, Druple
  • eCommerce Operations
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influencer & Social Marketing

Strategy & Planning

We work with your team to develop the "RIGHT" strategy and Execution Plan the is built around ROI, Competitive Advantage, Market Share, and accelerated Time to Market.

Corporate Consulting

Leverage our 20 years of expertise in managing and buidling companies and brands in the Enterprise Technology and Services, Digital Marketing, and Brand Development and Activation realms. We provide M&A guidence, restructuring, and turnaround solutions.

Managed Services

Once a Strategy and Execution Plan is put into play, there are many moving parts that need to have one point of contact that manages the 360 Degree of the plan and project. We are that one point of contact that manages all the vendors, resources, technologies platforms, activities, etc, that sits between the Client and the Deliverable pieces. As for the client we are the Point of Contact in which we have weekly status meetings to insure that the project and deliverables are on schedule, and within budget. We are the General Contractor if you will.

Executive & Management Consulting

We will meet with the Executive and Management Sponsors to help them understand and navigate the complexities of Marketing and Technology Integration in todays online world. The Do's and Don'ts.

Speaking Engagement

Lawrence Battey Founder | Chief Marketing Tehcnology Officer, will do Guest and Public Speakers, as well as Key Note engagements for Industry Conventions and Company Events.

We are global, say hello.

Our borders are open to clients all over the world. We just happen to be in North America.