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Most companies have gone to their Website or Applications developer to get their input on what the best eCommerce platforms are best to use. When in actuality you should be asking your Marketing and Sales team how they are going to be selling your product or service? What are the tools they need, such as, the ability to do Affiliate Marketing, having reviews, social sharing, price discounts, product bungling specials, or POS Integration, the list goes on!

In todays world of eCommerce, your User Experience and User Interface is crucial to engaging with current and potential customers. The ability to adapt and implement new landing pages and affiliate marketing, product specials, new pricing and shipping, new products or services, in real-time, based off of trends and data analytics, is a must to grow and retain your business. Not all eCommerce Platforms are created equal.

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Marketing used to be about sending one message to the masses, now it's about sending the right message, to the right person, and the right time. You might have heard terms like, Personalization, Demand Generation, and Email Drip Campaigns? If you have, know these things are the heart of Marketing Automation. 

Marketing Automation is a way keep your brand, or company engaged with it's customers, clients. And turning site visitors and prospects, into paying customers. Marketing Automation can increase sales by 30% - 40%.

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Without this key integration your eCommerce and Supply Chain teams will be overloaded with tasks and duties that could otherwise be automated. Leaving the door open for discrepancy in inventory and sales reporting, as well as lack of internal and external communications.

In todays world of eCommerce, fulfillment and supply chain, are the backend and foundation to keeping up with demand, and online sales, for brands. As 75% of online retail shopping is driven through mobile devices, automation to the On Demand model, is more important than ever.

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